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3M™ VHB™ Tape 4956

  • Fast and easy-to-use permanent bonding method provides high strength and long-term durability
  • Virtually invisible fastening keeps surfaces smooth
  • Can replace mechanical fasteners (rivets, welds, screws) or liquid adhesives
  • Gray, 0.062 in (1.6 mm) multi-purpose adhesive and conformable acrylic foam core offers a good balance of strength and conformability

3M™ Scotch 2120 – A

Tough Transparent Duct Tape is the ideal duct tape to use for repairs where appearance matters. Can be used on plastic, wood, glass, metal, vinyl and rubber. It is strong enough to tackle almost any repair project in or around the home, vehicle, boat, or job site.

Scotch Duct Tape

Mid-grade multi-use duct tape for repairs in and around the house, shop and jobsite. Great for holding, securing, and bundling. Excellent for reinforcing. Removes cleanly with no residue from more opaque surfaces for up to 6 months after applied. Strong waterproof backing resists wear, abrasion, moisture and weather for long-term performance. Writable surface.

Scotch Masking Tape 233

Conformable, hugs curves and contours. Goes on quickly and easily, sticks at a touch and stays put. Every feature perfectly balanced to give outstanding masking results. Well suited for boats, trucks and aircraft. Not for extended outdoor use

3MTM Scotch Blue Painters’ Masking Tape

3M Scotch Safe-Release Blue Painters’ Masking Tape 60 yds For Painted Surfaces & Glass
This tape removes cleanly without adhesive transfer or surface damage for up to 14 days-even in direct sunlight. It is a medium adhesion tape that is ideal for painted walls and trim, woodwork, glass and metal.

3M 410-LONGDC Scotch® 1″ x 450″ Clear Indoor Mounting Tape

Hang pictures, decorations, or dispensers with the help of this 3M 410-LONGDC Scotch® 1″ x 450″ clear indoor mounting tape! This convenient, double-sided tape is safer and easier than mounting items with screws or nails. Plus, it can hold up to 10 lb., making it extremely versatile.

The tape is designed for use on most walls, ceramic tiles, and wood surfaces that are clean, dry, and smooth. It’s also great for mounting products on glass or mirrors. Use this tape to complete the look of any room without the damage or hassle of traditional mounting hardware.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 450″
Width: 1″

Packing Tape

This packing tape is ideal for a variety of packing and box sealing operations.

Our Brown/Tan colour packing tape is a quality pressure-sensitive tape used for closing or sealing corrugated fiberboard boxes. It consists of a pressure-sensitive adhesive coated onto a backing material which is a polypropylene film oriented to have strength in both the long direction and the cross direction.

This tape is 48mm wide, 100 metres long and is 43 microns thick.

Commonly used for general industrial, food, beverage, medical, paper, print, electronics box, and carton sealing applications.  Designed to resist abrasion, moisture, chemicals, and tear.

3M 233+ Green Masking Tapes

This tape is free from residue that less expensive tape leaves behind on cars from water or sun. Professional painters use the same 3M 233+ green tape. Highly conformable, provides the best adhesive transfer resistance. hugs curves and contours and provides outstanding paint lines. Goes on quickly and easily. Sticks at a touch and stays put. Perfectly balanced to give outstanding masking results. This unique green tape has excellent conformability and transfer resistance and is resistant to bleed through. 233+ is also has better UV resistance than traditional masking tapes. Tape thickness: 6.7 mils. Temp range: 250F(121C) for 30 minutes.

Flash band – Self adhesive flashing tape

  • Instant waterproof seal,  even in damp conditions
  • Quick and easy to apply, no specialist tools required
  • 4 layers of protection, lacquer, foil, membrane and bitumen adhesive
  • Superior heat resistance from -10oC to 100oC
  • Easily moulds to contours
  • Long lasting protection

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Paint Plus Automotive
1138 Fairfield Rd.
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